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Booting the Box - Jim Deeken

Are you trying to figure out how to take your iPad out of the box and into the classroom? I will share 10 simple tips to help take the fear out of using the iPad to flip your classroom. From turning…

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Do You See What I See? My Top 3 Tools for Formative Assessment: "MathyCathy"

With iPads, the ability to receive and share instant feedback has never been more feasible... and feedback is power! Using my top three favorite tools for mathematics assessment, I'll compare…

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The Mobile Learning Classroom - Steven W. Anderson

Having a classroom full of mobile devices opens up a world of possibilities. Students can do more than just consume information. They can create and collaborate in new and exciting ways. But with…

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Embracing the C's using an iPad in a Primary Classroom - Lisa Carnazzo

Are you eager to share your students' learning with the world? To allow young learners to create, collaborate, communicate, explore and have fun while meeting state and national standards? We…

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Flippin' Out Elementary Style - Kim Fromberg

So many of us have seen the flipped out videos on youtube, read the research, and think it would be a great idea. But how do you ACTUALLY start doing it...what does it really entail...and most of…

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iPadpalooza 2015 Cathy Yenca & Tim Yenca - Out Of The Box Experience

"The Flying Yenca's" give a look at the iPad straight out of the box and all the powerful things you can do with this device without any extra apps.

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